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Some random dimensions:

LEGS - 24 1/2"
LOWER TUBE: 2 1/2" X 34"
UPPER TUBE: 2 1/4" X 32"

Cutaway showing internals.

Carriage bracket.

                         Elevation adjustment.
    I didn't make a detailed drawing because what are the chances you have an old table saw arbor laying around? Basically, this is a threaded disk/bushing riding in a circular frame with a screw passing through it. The bolts are made by grinding a long-shanked hex bolt round, welding a 1/2 ring on the end for the chain to attach to, and adding a spring clip of some sort to hold the thing in place.

I used a template to make cardboard test shrouds. Once I got a good fit I made this pattern. The shroud in made from 1/16" sheet.
Leg bracket pattern and blowup. The angle of the legs is 5 degrees.
There is a post welded to the bracket to attach the shroud. If you simply tap a hole in the bracket for the buttonhead screw, when you tighten it the shroud will distort.

Course elevation linkage.

Tube height adjustment details.

Leg "foot".

Risers and top plate. Print 12" on legal paper
for actual size.


3/4 view.

Exploded view showing positioning of parts.

The elevation mechanism from hell.

Parts dimensions and information.

WWII in Burma. G.I. with 1919A4 with pintle
attached. M2 tripod at his feet.