This link will take you to drawings of the inside of my box. You can alter them as need to suite your own situation.
   I took some photos of the inside of the box. These may give you some ideas for your own project. I use cabinet grade 3/4" plywood for the partitions. All images can be enlarged.
Gun is upright and level, leaving space beneath for conversion barrel and booster (A canvas GI compass pouch makes a great booster cover). M2 tripod is on its side. Load bearing contact points were cut oversize, then lined with leather which I sprayed with Outers gun oil. Oil can and tool box at right.
Left end. The hole for the booster was cut to accommodate the early 2 piece booster, as it is longer and fatter than the step down style. My .308 step down booster will still fit. I used two pieces of 3/4" for the booster rest to allow for the shorter booster. The front of the M-2 tripod head fits in the square slot and the ramped slot to the right keeps the tripod forward. The document bars are shown in more detail under the Hardware section.
Right end. The slot in the buffer rest is for the trigger. Everything was mounted high enough to be kept in place by the lid, should the case ever be overturned.
Right and left end views as well as a shot of the bottom showing the skids..

                                            Tool box contents:
1. An old shop knife with the butt end of the blade projecting. Used to keep barrel extension back to make headspace adjustments on barrel while still in gun.
2. Cheap pliers altered to to fit end of belt holding pawl pin for removal.
3. Small screwdriver bent and shaped to lift barrel locking spring for headspace adjustment.
4. Piece of 3/16" bar stock to tighten/loosen barrel bearing.
5. Old blade style screwdriver with "wings" for arthritic old geezers.
6. Antler for retracting top cover latch for backplate removal - another arthritis tool, and it doesn't scar the finish.
7. I made this plate to slide in the backplate grooves to hold the lock group in place while I slide the bolt in. I was having trouble with the lock group releasing and popping out the back. The trigger pin fits the hole well, but still does not always do its job.
8. Allen wrenches.
9. .308 booster sitting on compass pouch.
10. .308 cartridge stops.
11. GI oil can.