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Here are a few chests made from these plans. Note some variations which may give you some ideas. If you have a chest you would like to share please contact me.

BMG 7.62 A4
This chest is made of pine with cabinet locks on both ends of lid. The stencils were home made as well.
Here's a real beauty. The manual and combination tool are in
easy reach, and there's even a data sheet for head spacing, etc.
CLP's chest has it all. 1919A4 with Emory crank-fire attached, A6 kit, M2 with pintle and T&E, and underneath, a flatbed linker. The wheels are from Tractor Supply.
I added an 1.5 in to the height and depth. The hardware was zink plated hw. I abrasive blasted it, then hit it with Brownells OxphoBlue.
Use of 1X10 and 1X12 eliminated the need to edge glue. Dimensions come out about the same with much less work. If painted, the difference does not show. Cost is about the same. For handles, I used 3/4 dowel rod fastened on the ends with conduit clamps. Much easier on the hand. I used a full length hinge and tension latches from Tractor Supply for that early look. I adapted the interior to suit the way my gun is set up, I like to leave the pintle attached.
This is the adapter made to move the box, it is heavy. One end has a single swivel wheel with lock and the other is two fixed wheels. This works for me over smooth ground such as driveways and carpet as in around the house (I take out the front wheel and lift one end of the box and the two wheels roll the other end).