Click on this graphic to download the font. Once the font is downloaded, drop it in your Windows/Fonts directory. The font file size is 131k, somewhat bigger than normal fonts, which typically run 50k - 70k, and which don't contain complex images. A letter character might average 10-15 reference points. Some of the images in Browning have hundreds. The image of the Ordnance Dept. logo has over 1,300 reference points, and when rendered in a large type size, is fairly detailed.
I made my first font when my arthritis started getting serious. I wanted to be able to type in my own handwriting when my hands became too crippled to write with a pen. I called that one Calvin.
   The Browning font is a True Type font, and will work in any word processor or graphics program. I took photos of some of my things (T&E, Pintle, M2 tripod, spadegrips, linker, hand grenade, 1919 with spade grips), made a few drawings (bullet holes, smoking bullet, ordnance bomb) and scanned some photos from books. All were converted to absolute value images and then vector mapped. Because the images used in fonts are vector mapped, instead of pixel mapped, they don't pixelate when they get bigger. No matter what the size, the image has the same smooth and crisp lines. That's why letters look so sharp when printed on an ink jet or laser printer. Except for the hand grenade, which was dug on Guam, all the images are Browning related. Yes, even the P-51 Mustang, which sported eight .50 cal. Brownings.

This is a 60 point rendering of the "+" key, which produces the 1919 shown.

A 50 point rendering of the gunner - ">" key.
The Browning font contains the entire alphabet in basic military stencil pattern, all upper case, the letters 0-9, plus the comma, hyphen, and the period. The rest of the keys are symbols. A legend is shown below. Remember to make the images big - 50 point or bigger. As you might imagine, the gunner shown above is tiny at 12 point, the standard document size. With the Browning font, If you hold down the "^" (shift/6) you can make linked ammo to your heart's content.
        `             !        @       #         $ 
 %     ^         &           *           =  
     \                       ;             (          )
   |        <        >       ?      _      :     ~  
      [           ]       {       }     '       +