I like to spend time planning before taking on something complicated, especially if it is something I have never done before. It gives me a chance to build the thing in my head and work out most of the problems on paper. The drawings on this page deal with the current spadegrip project, but I recommend checking the link to the right. There are details of variations on the basic spadegrip that you may find useful. Each of the images below is a link to a larger image which you can print, or right click and save.

Design variations
Including a "butterfly" spade design with safety and the original ANM2 bracket pattern w/ dimensions.

Blowup and parts list.

The assembled parts.
The drawings below were done beforehand, and then somewhat amended later. Never trust someone else's measurements (especially mine). Always double check. The dimensions of your Browning may vary slightly from mine.

Trip lever plans.

Rear view details.

Side view details.

Spade. Click for
full size template.

Click for full size template. A dimensioned drawing is on the Variations page.
(see link at upper right)

Bolt assembly details.
Alternate spade with tighter
grid. Click for full size template.

Bracket pattern
dimensioned drawing.

ANM2 design

ANM2 handle & tube cutaway

We have a Lowes building supply here in town, so I bought most of what I needed there. They don't carry buttonhead screws, but I found those at a local fastener supply. Specific materials are discussed in the other sections in connection with their use. Now let's start with the backplate.