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   This site is devoted primarily to building the spadegrip design shown here, at left, though several variations are covered as well. The Colt MG 38B & the ANM2 aircraft machine gun were doubtless the inspiration for adapting spadegrips to the 1919A4. I have used elements of the ANM2 in my design. I highly recommend looking over the Main Menu page (next page), and the Plans & Planning page thoroughly. There are a number of photos of the ANM2 aircraft spadegrip, as well as an experimental gun featuring spadegrips. Drawings, both contemporary and my own, show the details of the original spadegrips, including the all important safety. You will have decisions to make as to the particular features you want to incorporate into your spadegrip project.

   The Browning 1919 was never issued with spadegrips. The earlier MG 38, which was the commercial variation of the 1917, had a variant, the Colt MG 38B, which did have spadegrips and used the standard splined backplate which fit the 1917. The ANM2 .30 had its splines on the receiver sideplates. The backplate had a shroud and the grooves were inside facing towards the receiver.

Colt MG 38B

The ANM2. This aircraft .30 caliber was replaced by the Browning .50 caliber as an aircraft assault & defense weapon.
     Photo: Donald G. Thomas via Hard Rain, by Frank Iannamico. Moose Lake Publishing LLC, 2002

A restored ANM2 with brown Bakelite handles
This site is graphics intensive. I have used thumbnail images to speed things along. You can enlarge most images by clicking on them. I sympathize with those of you with slow Internet connections - I'm certain my own Internet connection involves cans and a string.

    I am not a machinist, and built the my first spadegrip using a grinder, drill press, wood lathe, MIG welder, and a few hand tools. I will leave it to you to decide whether this project is within the scope of your abilities - you might surprise yourself. I purchased an old 1950 Atlas metal lathe for $100 and it was very helpful in building my second spadegrip with the inverted "V" style of spade. I was able to turn the buffer tube using a 4 point chuck and live center, make spanner bolts and splined tubes, etc.

NOTE: I have scoured the Net and found photos of weapons for sale or on resource sites, like I have also been sent quite a few, (Thanks knetrooper!). I have tried to at least give credit to a photo's source. My goal is to put information out there to fellow BMG enthusiasts, but no one likes having their material ripped off. If you feel I have used a photo of yours inappropriately, please contact me and I will correct the situation, or take a butt chewing if that's what's called for.

Thanks to everyone who has given their time to provide me with material and ideas, and to all who help by correcting my errors in drawings or information.