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With all of the sites I have devoted to the guns of John Moses Browning, I think mention of Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim is long past due. Maxim designed the first self -loading automatic machine gun, and any conversation about John Browning must include a nod to this great American genius.

I started out to make a small, one page site, but it quickly got out of hand with images so I have broken it down into two pages. As always, the site is heavy on images. I assume anyone interested in serious reading will turn to one of the many fine books on the subject. I invite you to E-mail me with comments, suggestions, and corrections of all types: spelling errors, syntax errors, and most important of all, informational errors. I try to catch mistakes myself, but I have dyslexia and I never know what's going to come out when I start typing.

Hiram Maxim was a prolific inventor, and the machine gun was just one of many patents he held. If you click on the photo of him below, left, you will get an enlargement showing Hiram in another of his creations, an airplane. While the Wright Brothers have the distinction of achieving flight first, Sir Hiram's airplane actually flew before theirs, but was tethered for the pilot's safety should the machine go out of control, so his was not considered an unassisted flight.

Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim
One of Maxim's many inventions, the
"Pipe of Peace" bronchial inhaler.

Shown above, center, is a Maxim airplane on it's launching rails. If you wish to know more about Maxim and his airplanes, there is an excellent Web site chronicling the achievement of this important pioneer of flight::

A Russian Maxim 1910 from
the movie, Dr. Zhivago.

Eddie Rickenbacker, the famous WW1 ace, and the Vickers machine gun.
The Maxim and Vickers machine guns were nowhere more successful than in the air war. They were ubiquitous on aircraft from nearly every country involved in WW1.