I believe there is a need in the collector community for digital manuals that retain the image quality of the original manuals. The files are somewhat bigger with my manuals, increasing download time for those without a DSL connection, but I think you will find it well worth it.
hese manual are free. You can download them, print them, you can even redistribute them from another site so long as they remain free.
The manuals are identical to the original with the one exception that I have rotated some images. You can turn a manual 90 degrees to view a page printed sideways, but that would not be practical with a computer monitor. I have indexed the manuals as well so you can jump to a section.

These manuals require Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the link at right to download it from the Adobe Web site.

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TM 9-206
Browning 1919A6

This small 12 page manual was issued with the introduction of the Browning 1919A6, and was superseded by the July, 1945 update of FM 23-55. Because it is small I did not convert the images to grayscale. Thanks to my friend Steve (MCP) for his generous contribution of this manual.
Note: For a higher resolution grayscale version best for printing, click HERE.

TM - 9 2012
Browning M37
Browning M37 manual. Printed in 1954, 107 pages. File size: 13.08.
Thanks to Dolf Goldsmith for the generous loan of this manual from his collection.
TM - 9 2013
Browning M37

Browning M37 manual. Printed in 1955, 82 pages. File size: 9.2 MB.
There are some interesting tools in this one. There are several pages of riveting fixtures as well as another type of carbon cleaner. The carbon cleaner can be seen above, at the bottom right of the image.
Thanks to Dolf Goldsmith for the generous loan of this manual from his collection.

The Browning Heavy Machine Gun
Browning 1917
Browning 1917. Printed in 1942, 33 pages. File size: 3.48 MB.
This manual was published in England for use with the Browning water-cooled machine gun. Manuals covering the 1917A1 were widely published, but that was not the case with the 1917, which makes this a rare opportunely to see the 1917 in detail. The gun pictured in this manual does not have the strengthening stirrup on the bottom of the receiver side plates, making this an earlier 1917. Additionally, this manual shows the 1917 mounted on the relatively rare 1918 tripod, which is covered in some detail.
1919 Illustrated Identification List
Browning 1919A4

Browning 1919A4 Printed in 1942, 27 pages. File size: 4.09 MB.
Published in England, t
his has some really fine graphics of an early 1919 with the vertical back plate and fluted barrel shroud.

Sten Illustrated Identification List
British Sten sub machine gun

Sten Mks 1, 2 &3. Printed in 1942, 23 pages. File size: 2.04 MB.
Published in England, t
his lists and illustrates all of the components of the first three Sten variants.