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Originally designed as a Calvary weapon, the 1919A2 was one of the first air-cooled Browning to be used in tanks. Built on the 1917 receiver, it had a short barrel and left feed only capability.

The business end of an M2 mounted M37.

Colt built its own tank weapon, the MG38BT. It had a collar in front of the receiver for the forward mounting point, an extended bottom plate, and spade grips.

The predecessor to the M37 was the 1919A5. It proved unsatisfactory as a tank gun because, among other things it lacked alternate feed capability.

Chromed trunnion and link feedway.

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Field Stripping the M37

To remove back plate push lock (blue arrow) to the right and depress latch (red arrow). Lift back plate straight up.

Push the driving spring forward and then to the left to release it from its anchoring slot. Pull spring straight back to remove.

Pull back on retracting bar until charging stud aligns with stud aperture.

Slide retracting bar forward slightly and remove stud from bolt.

Remove bolt.

Remove retracting bar by sliding it rearward until the hook is nearly to the retracting bar safety and then move hook to the right.

Using the tip of a cartridge or similar, depress trigger pin and slide lock frame rearward.

Pull the lock frame until the barrel extension is visible.

Flip the accelerator forward to release the lock frame from the barrel extension.

Remove barrel extension and barrel.