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The training manuals TM-9 2012 and TM-9 2013, in
Adobe Acrobat format,
are available for free download HERE.

All diagrams on this page are from TM 9-1005-121-25, Department of the Army, 1969, except as noted.
Alternate feed drawings are at the bottom of the page. For additional parts blowups , click on the link at right.

Remove roll pins to release the triangular switches so they can be moved to the holes in the opposite track.

In the top cover assembly, reverse the belt feed slide and pawl, move the belt feed pawl arm to the opposite side
(always keeping arm to the rear of pawl), and move belt feed lever spring and plunger to adjacent hole.

Remove ejector pin, move ejector spring to adjacent hole, and flip ejector 180 degrees.

Move link chute/stops and belt holding pawl/spring, to opposite sides.