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This CD contains drawings for the M2 tripod, T&E & pintle, the Browning 1919A4 & 1919A6, and the M1 & M9 links for both the .30 & .50 caliber cartridges.

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M2 tripod head drawings dated 1934.

T&E drawings dated 1940.

M2 pintle drawing dated 1934.

These are thumbnail images of the drawings. The drawings are dated from the 1930-40s. These are original dimensioned shop drawings from the period of manufacture. There are also photos.

FYI: During WW2 the U.S. Government paid about $65 each for the M2 tripod - nearly $20 more than was paid for the Browning 1919A4. Must have been the T&E!

Browning 1919A4 cutaway view dated 1936.

1919A6 booster drawing dated 1944.