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   Even if you are not interested in building an M2 tripod, I hope this will be a useful resource for anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of the M2.
    This is my first build site for a project I have not constructed myself. My primary goal will be to provide as much information on the construction of the U.S. G.I. M2 tripod as I can. I have disassembled my 1943 Evans M2 in order to get measurements and take photos.
In addition, I am including the exploded views & parts lists from the 1919 manual. I will also offer any suggestions or observations that come to mind. I believe a detailed tutorial would be of little use, as the building of an M2 is a fairly complicated project, and anyone with the skills needed to build one would likely need little more than photos and dimensions. If you have suggestions, questions, or photos of an M2 you have built, please E-mail me.

M2 with pintle and T&E
   Before I go any further let me mention the drawings available from Orin Harding. Orin scanned original Rock Island Arsenal dimensioned drawings of the M2 tripod, pintle, and T&E, and put them on a CD in Adobe Acrobat format. Also available on this latest version of the CD are shop drawings of the Browning 1919A4, 1919A6. I got got a copy to check it out and found a wealth of information there. Just pouring over detailed drawings of these fine old weapons was a real treat. If you want to find out more, click on the CD at right. (No, I'm not getting kickbacks, but I would be remiss not to pass along such detailed information related to this project)
Link to information about
the CD offered by Orin.

   As to the traversing & elevation mechanism (T&E), construction of an original design would be far more work than the tripod itself and require an experienced machinist. I will include photos and an exploded view with parts list of the T&E, but will not attempt to provide measurements for all the parts (these drawings are on Orin's CD, mentioned above). I built a small elevation device for my pedestal mount, which can be seen on that site. Even though it is not designed for the M2, it might give you an idea or two.
    I recommend looking at the fine work done by previous visitors to this site by clicking on the Homemade M2s link at the bottom of this page. You will find tips there about the construction of the M2 from folks who have built them, as well as photos of their amazing work. \

   Special thanks to the many folks who have taken the time to E-mail me about errors or vagaries in my drawings. You undoubtedly spared some who have come after you from wrestling with the same issues.

Images from TM9-1205 showing details of tripod & traversing and elevation mechanism. Note the early head with the brass traversing dial.            Images above and below will enlarge if clicked on.
M2 exploded parts
T&E exploded parts
The exploded views for the M2 and the T&E from TM9-1005-212-25. Note that the pads on the legs of the M2 are not the style covered in this site. They require metal forming equipment you will not have, so I am detailing the style on my M2, which I believe to be the most common found.
Click on one of the images below to get photos and details of that assembly.
T&E photos
T&E photos

Tripod component photos
Tripod component photos

Pintle photos
Pintle photos
Photos of homemade M2s
Photo gallery of home builts
Detailed drawings
Detailed drawings
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