M2 tripod from Gun Parts, received 1/24/03
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Left click on an image to enlarge (except for the detail photo of the pad)

Israeli desert tan. The Parkerizing
looks to be o.k. under the paint.

The pads are drilled with 5/8" stake holes. M2s were staked to the ground at the rage for gunnery training here in the states. Most Israeli M2s are drilled. Lots of theories for this but no one seems to know for certain. Like a lot of folks, I thought the holes were for staking to the sandy terrain, but it makes no sense to stake the tripod to the ground since portability is basic to a light machine gun. Anyway, if you don't like them it's an easy fix with a mig welder. The rear legs have one hole each, the front leg has two - one on each side.

No Israeli markings. Tripod is dated '43, and was
made by New York Evans Products Company


The T&E mechanism,
still slathered with cosmoline.

The tripod after taking the time to strip the
paint off
back to the original Parkerizing.

Same T&E, sans grease.

Same pad shown in top/right after welding small disk in stake hole.