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I originally made this flat bed linker to handle .308 ammo. Later I needed to link 8mm which uses 30-06 links, so I made a second channel plate and end plate. It's a quick change by removing 6 screws.
Note: If you are new to linking and belting ammo, you cannot use a flatbed linkker to load cloth belts.

Side view with details.

Moving parts and end plate.

Frame, hinge bracket, & wooden plates.

Centerline scale - .308. The actual length of the image is 12.4". The centers are 9/16".
This template will print on legal sized paper.
30-06 LINKER
Use the drawings below to adapt the above plans for a 30-06 linker.
NOTE: The dimensions for the 30-06 parts have been updated. My apologies for any additional grief this might have caused. Thanks to Storage_man for correcting this and for not chewing me out for the work it cost him. 1/11/2005

30-06 parts.

With the 30-06 parts I decided to leave an empty slot at the right end only. I cut the channel plate with 24 slots and the end plate with 22 holes. Lay it out to your own preferences keeping in mind the .525" center to center dimension.

Centerline scale - 30-06. The actual length of the image is 12". The centers are .525".
This template will print on legal sized paper.