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Here are some board member's linkers. Most of them are not from my plans, but the main thing is that you can build your own, and there are many fine designs out there. Maybe you can get some ideas here. If you have a home built linker and would like to share a photo or two, E-mail me. Conversely, if I have posted images of your project and you would rather I hadn't, let me know and I will remove them. A tip of the hat to everyone who has taken on a home project!


If you don't have a welder, bolts or screws work just fine, as seen in here.

Steve in El Paso

Steve claims there was no coffee involved in this linking session with his home made linker. Nice work!


Dbltapt built this beauty and was kind enough to share photos.
" The bed is made of oak, finished with Tru Oil. The total cost was about
$50 - $60 for the project and a little of my time." - Dbltapt
Here is a 30-06 version. A very sturdy looking linker.
Check out the padded feet. Since most of us link our ammo on the
coffee table in front of the TV, this is a good touch. Very nicely done!
The latest addition: MGM's fine .308 linker.
Here is a really fine .308 linker with nice oak woodwork. Photos courtesy of BC. Thanks for sharing.
1 Patropitofmany

Hey, my plans actually worked! Very fine job.

Another fine linker made from the plans. Nice wood.

It doesn't get prettier than this!
The wood is a bit thicker and is the very hard "Brazilian Cherry" (Jatoba). The frame and all hardware were heavy zinc parkerized and then finished in baked olive drab Gunkote. I substituted home cut teflon washers to make it even smoother. The straps that hold the push bar to the frame are Home Depot structure straps (1/8" plated angle) from the framing materials section. -Blackbird
Laminatrap's linker folds flat. Nice clean design, and this linker has the extra slot for the 21st round to hold previously linked rounds in place. Laminatrap will sell you one at a very reasonable price. E-mail him for details.

Bustoff's first linker -
a board and nails. He gets the award for most improved linker design (see photo at right!)

Mary-mother-of-God! Now this is a by-damn linker! I do
believe this powered linker could press rounds into a railroad tie.
BUST OFF, you da man.

Hawk's linker is solid & the metal plate allows the use of pins instead of an end plate.
One of the earlier projects I found on the forum.

Here's a handy belt loader for those of us not incl.ined to shell out $650.00 for a vintage one.

"The grippers are very easy to make. I took a aluminum block, drilled and put a 9/16 thread in it then cut it in half. One piece made the top clamp and the other, the lower piece which is fastened to the base plate. I looked at the pic's of the 1918 belt loader and you can see the star shaped wheels. Those are the belt grippers.The serrations look like a thread so I tried it and it works great. Not much downward force is needed to hold the canvas belt while the shell is shoved in to depth so I removed the lever off the clamp. I'm going to make a 10 or 20 shell version next. I'll keep everyone posted with pic's."