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Whenever I find myself taking firearms ownership for granted, I think of these replicas. All are made by collectors who live in countries where guns are outlawed. Few people have the skill and determination it takes to complete such an ambitious undertaking. For those lucky few the reward is a Browning as close to the real thing as they can legally get. This is a favorite Web page of mine. The work that has gone into these replicas is astounding.
This beauty was made by Chris in Poland. I'll try to get some information and post it here. In the meantime, just enjoy, and take the time to enlarge the images. This is a real work of art - I'd trade a real one for it in a heartbeat.

Sam has been making scale replicas for some time. His latest projects is the 1919A4 below. It is 1/3 scale, and milled from stainless steel.

The M2 tripod has a functionng pintle with latch, and the data plate.

The photo above shows the detail in the T&E.

At left is a favorite of mine- a brass, stainless, and wood Gatling gun. The detail in Sam's projects is impressive.

This is from Tomek in Poland. There is an amazing attention to detail and the welding is excellent. Take special note of the rear sight and the back plate. This 1919A4 is built from metal scrap, no real parts. Tomek belongs to reenacting group, the 101st Airborne .

This replica comes from Heinz in Switzerland. These are to be mounted on his 1943 Willys Jeep. Everything on these guns is shop made except for the rear sight ladders and the spider sight. The detail is amazing, and I continue to be impressed at the time some collectors are willing to devote to getting the armament correct. Thanks to Heinz for sharing these photos with us.

Now this is dedication. When I first saw these photos I couldn't believe it was a replica. The detail is superb and a tribute to Dave's determination. Since Australia does not allow private ownership of guns, even dummies made from parts kits, Dave had to be resourceful. I can't wait to see his next project. - Jon

"This is the '1919a4' I made. It's a replica completely from scrap metal, no "real" parts at all. The school's new mill got a work out I can tell you! Can't fire anything but looks good! - "not allowed" in western Australia! So I just had to make this myself Now for a tripod! " - Dave

Phillip in Belgium made this beauty to go on his Dodge WC51. "Total cost of the gun about 8 dollars. All the metal is from scrap, old automobiles and old factory-machines." His next project is to make an HB barrel for it. Being partial to aircraft guns myslelf, I like this one just fine.