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Many military post cards were used for GIs in training to send notes to family and friends.

Browning Related Images

1919 on a wheeled cart


Browning 1895 on Harley Davidson motorcycle

Armored machine gun
car with Browning

1917 training at
Fort George Meade

Machine gun training at
Fort Ord, California

1917 gun crew

1917 on 1917A1 tripod

1919 training at Camp Edwards.
Note brass traversing ring on
early M2 tripod head

Browning 1917

.50 caliber water-cooled training at Fort Eustis, Virginia

Browning 1917

1895s at Chillicoth, Ohio.

1919 on Jeep.

22,500 officers & men,
600 machine guns. Camp
Hancock, GA, 1918.

1917s at Camp Smith


Aircraft and Gunnery School Images

French Aeroplane with
1" rapid fire gun

This is one of the most colorful cards, and therefore most sought after.

A cadet climbing into his gunners position behind a Browning ANM2.

Ready for target practice, Tyndall Army Air Field.
More cadet training at Tyndal Army Air Field
Miscellaneous MG Images

MG training with Maxim at
Fort Sam Huston, San
Antonio, TX
Anti aircraft Maxims

Belgian dogs bringing
Maxims up to the line.

Captured German Maxims
in town square

Movie still with Vickers

German soldiers and Maxims

German soldiers with Maxim

Maxim on a sledge mount

Belgian Dogs towing Maxims on wheeled carts.

Twin MG34s

37mm Maxim
Pom-Pom on carriage mount. At 300 RPM, this was a devastating weapon

Captured Maxim on sledge mount. Note bullet holes in water jacket

Germans transporting a
sled mounted Maxim

Motorcycle Corps.
Shielded Hotchkiss MG
on early Harley Davidson

GIs training with Maxim

Belgian wheeled armored
vehicle with Belgian machine gun

Germans in spiked
helmets with Maxim

Dachau began as a military camp. It became a consentration camp the year this card was released.

Japanese with a Type 96 MG

Japanese with captured weapons. Can you ID them all?

Hotchkiss Benet-Mercie Model 1909

A French St. Etienne.

British Vickers