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WORLD WAR I (more or less)

Two brothers beside an early 1917.

Early 1917 w/ slab sided receiver on 1917 tripod.

Not a Browning, but a beautiful 08 Maxim

Another 1917, but this is the only period photo I have ever seen showing the leather funnel used to fill the water jacket. The funnel is sitting on the steam chest.

Click on this image for an enlargement of the funnel, or visit the Steam Chest Site for more images.

Ma Deuce and a 37mm antitank gun. A sweet shot.

Anzio, WWII.

Training exercise? I'd like to see a shot of this move one second later. That 1917A1 tripod is about to take the soldier for a ride.

In Belgium, WWII. Kind of a sheepish grin. This must be the guy who forgot to cover his weapon the night before.

Students at Harlingen Gunnery School in Harlingen, Texas. Dated on back May 20, 1943

Korean (South?) soldiers with a .50 caliber Browning HB.

A 1919A6 used as a door gun on a CH-21 Huey.

M48 Tank with flame thrower, Viet Nam, 1968.

South Vietnamese Mobile Strike Force air boat on the Mekong.

Dual .50s on an ASPB (Assault Support Patrol Boat).
Viet Nam, 1969.

South Vietnamese trainees at the range.

SRPB (Standard River Patrol Boat) with single and dual .50s.
Viet Nam, 1969.

On the Mekong, 1969.

Australians in patrol, 1968.
Jim & more of the guys.

Photo above, left:
Crew chiefs and gunners, 2nd flight platoon
Lane Army Heliport, An Son RVN 1972
129th Assault Helicopter Co.
BACK ROW: Left to right: SSG Jones, Zappata, Belinger,
Jim Baggs (with M2 aircraft on leg) Swanson, & Renz
FRONT ROW: Avilla and Coffino.

"All made it back OK. The M2 wasn't authorized for the standard slick, neither were mini guns, but the CO was cool about it, burnt up a lot of late '40s and '50s ammo in that weapon."
Thanks to Jim Baggs for sharing these two images.