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A 1943 Parker Rust Proof Products ad. Parker Products developed the Parkerizing process. This is a fine photo of a .50HB.

A 1911 Colt ad.

Pall Mall ad, 1941.

Nash Kelvinator

Alcoa Aluminum.

U.S. Army
recruitment ad

General Motors, 1943.

Norge household appliances.

U.S. Army
recruitment ad. Korean War, 1951.

Evans tripods

Revere copper
and brass.

Citizens Service Corps ad

Fleischmann's Yeast.

Bell Aircraft.
Twin Browning .30 caliber ANM2 aircraft guns on a Bell mount was a popular theme.

Western Electric. Life
magazine, 10-2-1944

U.S. Rubber Company.
L ife, 6-26-1944

U.S. Rubber, 1945.

Nash Kelvinator
Van Heusen shirts.

Army Recruitment Ad