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FN manufactured its own version of the USGI M2 tripod. The two photos shown below are both from the FN manual. The most obvious differences are the pintle latch, seen in the image below right, and the "L" pins replacing the pintle bolt and the T&E pin, shown in the photo below left.
The FN 30 tripod is FN's own design, and is an excellent mount in most respects. It weighs a hefty 46.2 pounds, only a few pounds less than the 1917A1 tripod, yet folds into a fairly trim package. Left and below are two images from the FN manual. The mount shown below has hooks in place of holes and a cross pin, and no accessory box.

The FN 30 mount folded for transport.

I slid my M2 under the FN 30 tripod to show
the relative size. The FN 30 tripod is a substantial mount.
At left the mount is set at about kneeling level. With the mount set up to full height (right) the shooter is nearly standing. This is a very versatile platform.

FN logo. Click to see location.

The tripod with legs spread is very stable.

The traversing stops are under the cradle and can be located anywhere along the entire width of the plate.

At right is a modified version of the FN 30 tripod. All three legs are shortened. It has been suggested that this was an Israeli modification, but close inspectrion of the front foot suggests it was a factory produced shortened version made to meet the need for a more portable mount. Below, right, is the front leg of the shortened tripod pictured in the Aircraft Modèle 1938 section. It does show a weld on the tube, but when you look at the front leg of a full sized FN 30 tripod, below, it is apparent that the lower front leg tube slides into the upper, and is therefore smaller, as well as having a groove in which a tightening plate rides.

The small box on the rear cross bar is too small for a bolt, and probably held tools and spare parts for tripod maintenance.

If you have any information on the shortened FN 30 tripod that you would like to share, please contact me so I can include it here.

Below left: This is the only shot I could find of the single weapon aircraft flexible mount. The biplane is a Fairey Fox
Below right: A twin flexible aircraft mount.