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Above & right: Cleaning/spare parts chest for the Modèle 32. Some of these chests are seen without the metal casing. Both the Modèle 1932 and the Modèle 1938 cases are identical in layout. The mounting collars in the bottom tray are not part of the kit.

Bottom shelf contents.

Top shelf contents.

1. Segmented cleaning rod
2. Patch jag
3. Bore brush, bristle
4. Chamber brush
Firing device*

17. Extractor
18. Sear
19. Extractor
20. Charging handle
21. Sear spring
22. Small parts box
6. Wrench
7. Wrench handle
8. Combination tool
9. Oil bottle
10. Blank firing adapter
11. Driving spring
12. Firing pin
13. Firing pin spring
14. Barrel extension plunger
15. Barrel ext. plunger spring
16. Belt holding pawl pin
*Used to test fire fixed guns without the solenoid arm engaged.
Left: Small parts box (#22 above) with the lid removed.
Above: Contents of small parts box, including cotter keys, springs, pins, accelerator pin, extractor and belt holding pawl.

Small wrench from spare parts chest, item # 6/7 above.

Mounting collars for use with unknown mount. These fit
around the barrel jacket just forward of the receiver.

Blank firing adapter for the Modele 1938.
Two views of the blank firing adapter for the Modele 1932.

This is the linker from the .30 caliber FN manual,
though it is clearly a .50 caliber linker.

A section of FN link belt for 8mm. Source: Dolf Goldsmith
The .30 caliber FN linker and box. Note that the clasp is identical to the one on the spare parts chest shown above. This linker is a perfect fit for the .308 using Israeli links, but not the US 30-06 links. Since this design predates the adoption of the NATO cartridge, and Belgium was using the 8mm cartridge at the time this linker was in use, I would assume that the link belt shown above was used in this linker. I have wondered if the spacing on the Israeli .308 links might have been based on the Belgian link belt. Any thoughts on this?
FN 30 Long Base & Sight
FN Short Base & Sight
1932, 1938 & 1956

Left and above: wind vane and spider sights for FN aircraft observer's guns.

Right: barrel shroud mounted front sight.

Ammo box and holder for the single and twin mount. Front and rear views of the ammo box and holder.

Ammo box. The small angled plates in the center (only one is visible in this view) slide into slots in the holder and a paddle release engages the groove in the plate to lock the box in the holder.

Ammo box holder. The upper projections on the holder attach to the belt holding pawl bracket. The lower projection is a standoff to keep the unit level.