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The FN belt-feds are distinctive in having a trigger bar at the top of the receiver instead of the bottom, as with the U.S. 1919 Brownings. As a result, the back plates do not have the pistol grip, standard on the 1919's . Instead, FN has a back plate with a single wooden handle with the trigger located at the top. The trigger pull is straight back, and very smooth. A two handled spade grip was introduced as an option in the 1950s. The FN30 side plates all have a raised, thicker rear side plate to support the back plate The top plate has a set of rails which can house either a ladder sight, or both of the solenoid types (pneumatic for hydraulic) made by FN.
The four images below are from the FN30 manual. If you would like to download the English version of the manual in Adobe Acrobat format, click on the manual cover at right.

Another Modèle 1952 mounted on a MAG58 tripod. In this case the single handled back plate is installed.

Modèle 1952 mounted on a MAG58 tripod. This gun has the spade grips.

Modèle 1952 mounted on an FN built M2 tripod. Note the use of "L" crosspins instead of the pintle bolt and ring crosspin of the U.S. G.I. M2.

Modèle 1952 with spade grips. Note that on t he M1952, the forward mounting point is a trunnion adapter in front of the receiver and the rear bottom plate mounting hole is positioned forward.
This is the most commonly seen variant seen in the United States is the Israeli contract FN30. These were made for Israel in the 1950s, and eventually imported into the United States for sale to the collectors market in the form of a parts set.

The right (top) and left side plates.

Detail of the Israeli markings on the right side plate as shown at right.
This example has the Israeli markings like the FN30, but these are located on the top plate instead of the right side plate. The heavy barrel indicate this to be a ground gun, and the cocking slot in the left side plate as the gun can be set up for alternate feed with the proper internals, probably for tank or armored vehicle use.

This example has the single handled back plate.

The stamping on the left side plate has a 1956 date.

This Modèle 1952 was captured in Iraq. It provides a rare look at a live gun. The Modèle 1952 has the shorter sight base like the aircraft version, and a barrel shroud mounted front fight. The sites can be seen below, and on the Accessories & Sights page. Note also the low dome rivets that are typical of FN Brownings. On the Modèle 1952 the forward mounting point is a trunnion adapter, and the rear mounting points are further forward than the FN30. Sad to say this weapon was eventually destroyed, but fortunately we have these photographs.