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   As much as I enjoy making exploded parts views and technical drawings I sometimes need a break, and line drawing is the way I do that. I occasionally get requests for these drawings and so I have assembled them here for anyone who might be interested.
   Thanks to those who provide information and photos to work from.
I credit my sources for each drawing. Sometimes it is a full view photo of the original gun and sometimes it is a detail image sent to me so I can flesh out a particular detail. I try to make the drawings as accurate as I can.

Click on a thumbnail image to get a larger, printable version.

1919A4 on M2 tripod.



1919A6 with bipod extended.

My Saginaw Steering Gear 1919A4 on an Evans Products M2 tripod.

1917A1 Water-cooled on a 1917A1 tripod (I took the liberty of making the gun a Westinghouse). The water chest is an M1A1. Source: Mark Genovese

Browning M37, Saco-Lowell.

My Colt commercial 1917 Model 1928 on an
M35 tripod with commercial steam chest.

Browning 1917, Westinghouse, drawn from photo of Robert Segel's 1917 which appeared in Small Arms Review February, 2007.

Maxim 1908 on a sledge mount.

Fabrique Nationale FN30.

FN Modele 1932 solenoid fired fixed aircraft gun, cal. 8mm.
Sources: Kris Hartwig, Steve Welch

FN Modele 1938 aircraft gun, cal. 8mm.
Source: Kris Hartwig

Twin FN Modele 1932s (w/ Hedgehog spade grips) on a hardmount.

.50 caliber Browning M2 (Ma Deuce) on an M3 tripod.

Russian 19109 Maxim.

Russian 19109 Maxim, color.

Vickers MK1, dated 1942 on WW1 Mark IV tripod, dated 1918.
Slots in feet are for spiking the tripod to the ground.