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At left is a page which originally appeared in a Colt catalog and manual of the period. The items pictured are:

1. ammo box
2. broken shell extractor
3. combination wrench
4. cloth ammunition belt
5. asbestos cord
6. cleaning rod
7. punch
8. leather tool pouch
9. oil can
10. leather funnel
11. muzzle gland/flash suppresser adapter
12. type A flash suppresser
13. muzzle gland wrench
14. beer can flash suppresser
15. steam condensing hose
16. steam chest.
Above left is the commercial steam chest. At right is the US GI
steam chest for comparison. The commercial chest has no drain.

Additional views of the steam chest.

Third leg tool bag.

Another shot of the belt loader. The clamp on the right
is for attaching the loader to a table or work bench.

A Colt belt loader of the period. This one was shipped as part of the Argentine contract and was originally designed to load the 7.65 round. It has been modified to load .308 and 8mm.

Above: The Argentine government made additional loaders under
contract to Colt. Thanks to 57Strat for the photo.

Click here for parts list of a Colt loader. This is the same loader, but with the feed tray instead of a hopper.

A Colt manufactured ammo belt. Below is an
enlargement of the stamping on the starter tab.

The data plates from both loaders, Colt above, Argentine below.
Photos: 57Strat


Muzzle gland/adapter for the Type A flash hider..

The Type A flash hider.
Above is an original ammo box for the Model 1928. The inside width is narrower than a standard 30-06 box to accommodate the shorter 7.65 Argentine round. The outside dimension is kept to the standard width by using thicker wood on the sides, as indicated in the photo above, right..

Early Colt combination wrench.
Muzzle gland wrench which fits both the standard gland and the gland/adapter used with the type A flash hider. The hole in the center is for loosening the filler plugs on the water jacket.
Below are scaled drawings for the combination tool, should you want to make one.

Need to make replicas of this difficult to find wrench?
Click on this blueprint for a printable template, actual size.

Tool drawing.

Tool accessory.


Model 1928 cleaning kit with all tools required for weapon maintenance. (Top tray is removed).Thanks to John for these photos of this rare tool chest.

Top tray in place.
Left: Leather funnel for filling water jacket.
Photo: Rick Shab, BMG Parts
Above is the armorer's chest for the 1928. It contains replacement parts for all of the internal components as well as those most likely to become worn or damaged from use. Note: I cannot remember where I got these photos - I try never to use images for which I do not have permission, and give credit where permission is given, so if you are the source of these photos, please contact me so that proper credit can be given or the images removed.
This small canteen is 9 3/8" overall and hold about a quart of water. The spout fits in the filler hole and there is a vent hole in the top with a tube running the length so when the canteen is upturned it will pour continuously. The body is made of tin and covered with leather. There is a clip that is broken, seen inside the chain.