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The M35 is the tripod most often associated with the commercial Colt 1917. The M35 is an extremely robust
platform, with an extensive use of bronze. It has no fine traversing adjustment, but does have a fine elevation wheel.
The third leg ID plate, at right. The tripod's serial number is in the rectangular box in the center.

The traversing stops slide around the degree scale and are held fast by tightening the wheel. The traversing motion of the cradle is held within the range allowed before the pintle frame comes in contact with a stop.

Close-up of the brass head showing
the degree scale and traversing stops.

The large brass fine adjustment wheel has a series of small stops. A stop is engaged by pushing it up from underneath (red arrow). A post (green arrow) is attached to the block and when two stops are engaged, one on either side of the post, the wheel is stopped from rotation.

At left is the traversing dial, for the M35 tripod.

The traversing dial on the M35 tripod is often frozen or missing the stop screw. If your mount's traversing dial has problems, click HERE.

Mountain Tripod
Special thanks to twin60s for contributing photos and information on this mount.

The Mountain Tripod was made in Argentina for the Colt 1928. A source in Argentina says that they were made specifically for the posts in the Andes mountains. It is a very solid piece with beefy brass fixtures at the joints. The M35 cradle fits on the solid brass head.

Close-up of the lower hub showing the elevation crank.
The feet have spikes in them and an anvil for striking with a hammer. The feet can be driven into a tree or stump.