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The steel ammo box is everywhere in our culture. Even among those with no interest whatsoever in military equipment, it's not uncommon to see an ammo box on a workbench or in a garage, filled with hardware or spare parts. The US with a flaming ordnance bomb is commonly found on the end of the WW2 style boxes. The lid has a rubber seal, black or red, which is usually hardened from age or missing altogether.

Right: Crated M1 ammo boxes.




Owens Illinois Can Company
Inside of a typical WW2 box with Repacking slip. Embossed bullet on bottom of can shows direction of ammunition. No manufacturer's markings. Embossing on can is CAL. 30, AMMN BOX NR33 instead of the usual CAL. 30 M1, AMMUNITION BOX. Possibly foreign made, or US made for the foreign market. Any info on this, please contact me.

This style of steel box was designed to attach to the 1917A1 tripod.
Embossed bullet on top of can shows direction of ammunition.

This is a scarce and somewhat unique box. It says ARTCRAFT inside a cartouche, and
there is a maker's logo in two places on the end consisting of an N underneath N.L CO.

Also, it does not have the square ring on the side of the box. Thanks to Matt D. for

his contribution of this excellent example.

The only image I could find of a ground
FN with an ammo box - an American GI
steel box.

1919A4 crew in Europe during WW2.

Germans with captured 1919A4