Cartridge Stops
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The Browning cal. .30 MGs were originally chambered for the 30-06 cartridge but can be adapted to shoot other rounds. I will deal with the 30-06, 8mm & .308 NATO configurations here. I will assume that a barrel of the proper caliber is being used in conjunction with the proper barrel bearing (buffer).

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The belt holding pawl pin.
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The cartridge stops are meant to guide linked or belted ammunition into the feedway so that a round can be picked up by the extractor. The size of the stops required depends on the length of the cartridge.

The right rear stop is permanently attached to the right sideplate, and all cartridge sizes seem to work with either the original 30-06, or, more commonly, the Israeli .308 stop.

A cheap pair of small pliers modified to grab the notched end of the pin is helpful.

30-06 Configuration

The short round stop was originally staked to the
right front cartridge stop, but if you want to use other rounds it's
best that this stop be removable.

I drilled a small hole catching the edge of the right front cartridge stop, then tapped it for a small Allen screw.

Here is another, and perhaps easier, set screw placement. Make certain that the screw is flush when tight and doesn't stick out to catch a spent case.

30-06 configuration with right front stop over the short round stop.

30-06 configuration with only the short round stop.

Several views of the short round stop.

The right front cartridge stop.

.308 Configuration

.308 configuration showing
all stops in place.

.308 stops. The small stop to the right is pinned to the right receiver side plate.

8mm Configuration

An Allen screw style 8mm cartridge stop.
This particular style stop is available from at this address.

The 8mm stop fits over the short round stop as in the 30-06 configuration.

This variation is held in place by the holding pawl pin.
Right Rear Cartridge Stop

The Israeli right rear cartridge stop.
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