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Bolt Latch
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The bolt latch.

A 1919A2 with bolt latch.

The purpose of the bolt latch was to hold the bolt open on an empty chamber to prevent cartridge cook-offs from hot barrels. It's also handy for holding the bolt out of the way while cleaning the barrel. The bolt latch was on the earliest 1919s, and its use continued on until around 1953.

Collectors building or restoring their 1919s will often need to establish the rivet hole for the latch, as the right side plate is missing from the parts sets. Below are some Drawings that may prove helpful in doing this.

Establishing the horizontal measurement is easy, as the the back of the bolt latch sits flush with the back of the receiver. You can hold it forward a bit if you like - I usually hold it off about 1/16". The vertical measurement is 1 1/2" from the bottom edge of the receiver.
The bolt latch rivet is a casualty of the demilling process, so you will need to make one, or have one made. You can also just use whatever handy screw you have lying around. I have done both (see below), but my preferred method is to turn a proper rivet, then instead of setting the rivet I thread the end and then drill and tap the side plate to accept it. After screwing it finger tight, I stake it from inside the receiver. Use your imagination and do whatever suits.

On the left is a 3/8" round head machine screw.
On the right is a threaded rivet.

Bolt latch rivet threaded to shoulder,
a comon adaptation used by collectors.
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